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With fibers being recycled again and again, the inherent strength of paper falls; fibers become less flexible, less permeable and harder to process. Starch spraying system boosts the strength of the paper. The system uses quality precision nozzles to discharge a suspended starch solution to the fiber web of the paper. Amount of the starch solution sprayed and proper mixing of chemicals is very critical in deciding the quality and strength of the paper.

If your starch spraying system isn’t performing optimally, you could be faced with these problems:
Quality control issues
Unscheduled production downtime
Increased maintenance
Increased consumption of chemicals, water and electricity
Environmental issues
The cost of wasted water alone can quickly amount to tens of thousand of rupees in a spray system that is not optimized.
System advantages :
Unique nozzle cleaning by linear brush movement
Fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual activation of brushes available
3. Can be operated via control panel or hand wheel
4. Simple attachment possible to give fully automatic brush activation
5. Optimum operation with process water up to 800 ppm guaranteed
6. No process water pre-clarification by expensive filters required
7. No additional in-line filtering required
8. Effective fabric and felt cleaning can be achieved even with inferior water quality
9. Simple installation, uncomplicated exchange of nozzle inserts and cleaning brushes
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